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“Mommy, I did it!”

DSC_6066…First time ever sitting on the potty, Alethia pooped into it already!  I am so proud of you, Alethia!

…People who are not parents yet can never understand how and why pooping mean so much to parents (mommies mostly)!  I still remembered when Alethia was young, she was a constipated baby.  We rushed to the doc’s several times because she couldn’t poo by herself.  And, ever since then, I look forward (sometimes even feel excited) to change her soiled diaper; to check and investigate her poops every time, every day.

…At 2 years and 19 days old – June 9, 2009 – I put her on her elmo toilet seat after lunch, just thought that it’s time to kick start the whole toilet training thing, and see if I would have the luck that she would pee into the toilet.  And to my utmost surprise, she POOPED!  I can’t describe how happy and proud as her mother, to see her a step closer to be independent.  From how she looked at me, and the smile on her face, I know she is proud of herself too.  She was pointing to the toilet; looking at me with a smile, her face seemed to tell me, “mom, I pooped!  I pooped in the toilet!”.

…I think you will find this disgusting if you are not a parent yet…I immediately called Anson to come in and look, and cheered for her “accomplishment”.  And yes, we videotaped her poop! haha!!  This is what parents do!

…Parenting, the most challenging job, yet the most rewarding.  I am starting to love it.


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