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Be still and know that I am God

~ Space ~ Stillness ~ Quietness ~ Shhhh…. ~ Deep breath ~

Words cannot quite express my feeling these days.

My thoughts go much quicker than my mouth or my typing.

Often times when I try to sit down and put down what’s been wandering in my mind, I feel overwhelmed.  I feel that there are so much in my mind that I don’t have that energy to put everything down.

I need to slow down.  I need to speak only things that matters.  I speak so much and so fast that sometimes even I found myself nosy.

One of my dearest sister was in town last week.  How she chooses to spend her time inspires me.  She makes wise choices.

Another girlfriend called and we shared deep on the phone.  Tears dropped not because of what she said but God’s presence.

God loves me.  I finally allow myself the space and freedom to acknowledge it.





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In 2 different rooms

This morning, while I was sitting in the dining room enjoying my breakfast, Alethia was in another room reading stories to her little baby doll.

She is growing up.  And  I think this also marks her being secured enough to stay away from mommy.   I welcome this growth of independence so that mommy can have a moments of transquility.

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