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Today’s reflection

I find it hard to really set aside a long-enough time to quiet down and reflect.  Often times even when I sit down and read, my heart is pounding fast and there is always a hurrying feeling inside.

The most I can do is to quickly jot down what thoughts touches me and hopefully I will be able to come back and continue my reflections.

So, today, as I read Levi 8:1-36, I read 2 things –
1)  v.34 Everything we have done today was commanded by the Lord in order to purify you, making you right with him.
2) Ordination for all Christians


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…I went down for nap with Alethia this afternoon.  Slept for an hour, and it is very refreshing.  Even though I still have that “guilty” feeling before I fell asleep, I am definitely energized when I woke up.  I yet have to figure out what is that “guilty” feeling and tackle with it.

…This morning after breakfast, I practiced walking with Sophia.  She did make several steps from the table to me without holding onto anything.  I just enjoyed seeing the satisfied smile on her.  She is proud of herself, and apparently she loves the feeling of being able to walk.  My cute baby…I can just stare at her and do nothing the whole day, and she knows how to melts your heart!

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Today’s reminder

As important as it is for us to offer worship to God through our songs and prayers, we need to worship him by making sure that our relationships are right as well.

(Levi 6, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount)

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In Leviticus, there are long passages saying about different kinds of offering.

I have been reading about sin offering these 2 days.

It is not about the materials.  It is more than this.

Offering is a kind of practice, a kind of discipline – a training to submissiveness, a kind of action that brings out deeper meaning than what you offer upon to the Lord.

I pray that I don’t read and stop at just seeing all the tedious steps of different kinds of offerings.  Help me understand what’s behind it.

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Tired of saying no…?


有無試過 say no 次數多到好掹掙?




… …一大學問也!


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With no regret

On Nov 7 2010, first day of winter time,  I decided to drop Sophia’s very last feeding on breast.  It came easier than thought.  I have to admit that, it is a harder time for mommy to let go than the baby.

With no regret as a mom that I am able to enjoy breastfeeding with this second baby, things that I would never have imagined when I had with Alethia.  I am truly thankful regardless all those marathon feedings in the beginning, or the infections in the later months.  Really, nothing more to ask for.

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