Sophia’s first fever since birth – December 17, 2010.
Dec. 17, Fri: she slept from 10:30am to 4:30pm, up for some food, played a bit, and was ready to go to sleep again before 8pm.
Dec. 18, Sat: she woke up at 8am, had breakfast, cuddled in mommy’s arms and fell asleep again at 9:30am.  Slept all the way till 3:30pm.  Up for some congee and milk, ready to get back to sleep again at 4:30pm, and slept all the way till the next day.

Dec. 19, Sun: After skipping dinner last night.  She woke up with an empty stomach at around 8am.  Temperature was down to normal.  Gulped down 3 cups of milk.  Cuddled in mommy’s arms for an hour, and was ready to sleep again.  At 1pm, she woke up, had lunch, and down again at 2:30pm…

With this sick and sleepy baby at home, mommy got a lot of bonus quiet time (while daddy brought Alethia out for dinner on Sat and to church on Sun morning).

It has been a long, long time since I have this big chucks of time being alone, yes, not just a big chuck, but chuckS.  I should give thanks that even though baby is sick, she is a very easy-to-handle sick baby.  All she needs is rest, rest and rest, so as long as we provide her a cozy bed and a quiet room, she could sleep for very long.

Back to my bonus…all these ME times remind me of the days with no kids.  It’s almost like ancient time that I do not need to attend to other people’s needs to spend my time.  And I came to realize that living a balanced life is very important.  A lot of time my exhaustion and frustration do not solely come from the physical, tedious tasks related to taking care of the family; in fact, it is more the repetition, the dullness, and the lack of excitement of life that drain me away.

I hope I can find a balance in my life, and that I live a joyful, passionate and meaningful one every day.

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    prudence said,

    same here…

    just remember to check in to your page again if not seeing you subscribed my new blog. thanks…

    and 共勉之。努力!

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    Sheree said,

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